In the unique diamond market that demands expertise, precision and high quality, service is essential

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Customized approach

Barsamian Diamonds focuses on service, offering every client a customized approach. Providing a suitable answer to specific needs of our customers, is crucial for maintaining our privileged relation with all of them.

Our services include:

• Accurate assortment
• Personalized and quick support
• Diamond purchase
• Certification
• Polishing and repolishing
• Lay-outs and lines for jewellery manufacturing

Our team of diamond experts sort out each stone even the smallest to select brilliant and shining diamonds.
Antwerp as a diamond centre attaches a lot of importance to ethics and social responsibilities. We share these values and support them. We make sure that all our diamonds are from natural origin and are ethically sourced.

As an important player within the trade, we take advantage of the stable and competitive diamond market of Antwerp. Thanks to the diversification of our supply sources we can find the right polished diamond at the best price.

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