My Forest ArmeniaMy Forest Armenia is a non-profit organization that focuses on the reforestation on our own European continent.

In a wider plan to mitigate our CO2 emissions, Barsamian Diamonds has decided to support My Forest Armenia as a corporate partner by planting 50,000 trees in the Jrashen area (Lori Province, Armenia) in 2021 & 2022.

Curious to see what it looks like? Watch this short YouTube movie :

The urgency and importance of creating new forests on our European continent is becoming increasingly understood in all layers of society. Planting trees is the best natural solution to fight global warming and the opportunity to bring back the loss of biodiversity. Moreover, trees are not only carbon-absorbing machines, when they are part of a forest, they deliver so much more: forests produce three times the oxygen we need to breathe, create 75% of our fresh water supply, increase humidity, prevent soil erosion, create jobs for rural communities and most importantly: they preserve bio-diversity. The richness of a forest is the guarantee to its own sustainability and our own survival.

The organisation was founded in 2019 by a Belgian-Armenian philanthropist in order to fight climate change by engaging in large scale reforestation.  At the same time, our activity has a strong social aspect, as all the reforestation areas are situated in remote mountainous regions and only the local population is hired. The fundraising base is in Antwerp, Belgium.